Beet Generation Pasta

Our pasta is made weekly. By adding blanched, roasted or fresh pureed vegetables from our garden, we create beautiful colors that reflect our growing season. These vegetables lend evident, but subtle flavors—think of them as overtones that will add lovely depth to all your pasta dishes!  For the most part, any of these pastas will go nicely with your favorite sauces. If you want to have fun highlighting the flavors we have created, we give suggestions below in the Tasting Notes section. All these pasta taste great on their own topped with just olive oil (or melted butter, or brown butter) and a little flake salt.

In addition, the shapes we make are created for their beauty and versatility. Their nooks and crannies will catch your delicious sauces, be they creamy, meat or vegetable. The certified organic semolina flour we use, ensures the perfect texture, hot or cold. We recommend cooking it for 5-7 minutes. Our Garlic noodle, 3-4 min.

We make two shapes—Fusilli and Mafalde—in three sizes. However, we take some artistic liberties with these traditional Italian shapes. Because our pasta is hand-cut, we can handle each piece, coaxing it into soft ruffles and curves. This creates unique shapes and—more important to the cook—sauce grabbing contours.

Making small batches also allows us to slowly dry our pasta. Slow, non-heat drying gives our pasta a sturdy, versatile texture, with the best mouth feel you’ll ever experience. Beet Generation Kitchen fresh specialty pasta will make all your meals delicious!

All our noodles are vegan and made with a least 25% vegetables in every batch. We use certified organic semolina wheat flour and vegetables all grown under more stringent practices then national organic standards.

Tasting Notes

BEET: Earthy and slightly sweet, beet pasta matches especially well with creamy sauces, winter vegetables and greens. If you’re an Italy fan, try Gorgonzola, walnuts, sage, and lemon. Or leave Italy behind and try cabbage, caraway, paprika and sour cream.


TOMATO: A slightly tangy and sweet combo, tomato pasta goes with almost any sauce, especially anything Italian—cheese, meat, seafood, and poultry. Think summer, basil, zucchini, eggplant and, of course, tomatoes! Try this pasta with a spicy seafood!


SPINACH: Spinach pasta is a classic—a pure taste of green. In summer it pairs with ricotta, peas, asparagus, and lemon. In winter it is happy with creamy anything, as well as meat or mushroom Ragu. Throughout the year, spinach pasta welcomes almost any kind of cheese, mild to strong.


POBLANO, POBLANO-SERRANO, ONLY SERRANO: These green pastas taste grassy and slightly tart. The addition of Serrano adds a very mild, warm tingle. These flavors take your pasta meals south of the border, pairing well with corn, avocado, chilies, and roasted tomatoes, squash and beans—even cold salads with lime. In winter, these green chili pastas welcome creamy sauces made with pumpkin flesh and seeds.


GARLIC: We juice our elephant garlic for this noodle. The mild flavor of elephant garlic offers a savory taste without being too pungent, this pasta is a garlic lover’s dream. It pairs with everything from a warm climate—eggs, cheese, meat and vegetables. Fondly dubbed the “stinky rose”, garlic makes everything taste better


HOT CHILI: This is our spiciest pasta, one where you can really feel the heat through the sauce. The pasta is great with southern Italian, Spanish, or Mexican inspired flavors--taste it first before adding more heat! You don’t have to be a Chili Head to enjoy it, but it helps.


BG Kitchen Pasta is full of fresh ingredients. Store in a cool, dry spot. Better yet, enjoy it this week and come back for more!